5 Tips for Buying Bed Sheets

January white sales are the time when most people think of buying new bed sheets. A wide array of new bed sheet fabric patterns and styles await the consumer, at bargain prices.

However, a bargain is not a bargain if the bed sheet fabric develops those annoying, uncomfortable little ‘pills’ after the first washing, rending your new bed sheets virtually useless.

Here are 5 tips to keep in mind when buying new bed sheets.

1. Know what ‘thread count’ means. Every packaged sheet will tell the thread count, the threads per square inch of fabric, of the sheet. The general rule used to be, the higher the thread count the better. Sheet manufactures are privy to that rule and have gotten a little misleading in the thread counts displayed on package. A sheet that states it is 1,000 thread count could actually be 250 thread count using 4-ply thread. The end result being a coarser feeling sheet. Look for a high thread count of single ply thread, that will give you a quality, soft sheet. To find out effective information about bed sheets, you have to check out website.

2. Know you fabrics, with so many different fabrics to choose from, it is the only way to ensure you get the feel that you want. Egyptian cotton, Pima and Supima are top sellers because of their luxurious feel and durability. Cottons have always been popular, for price and durability, ( beware of cotton blends, the fabric ‘pills’). An environment friendly choice, and hot new item, are the new sheets made of bamboo.

3. Know the size of your mattress. Plain mattresses, older mattresses, pillow top mattresses can vary in thickness of up to seven inches. Measure the width, length and depth of your mattress before buying bed sheets. A regular fitted sheet for a plain mattress may fit fine, but some of the pillow top style mattresses may require fitted sheets in a deep pocketed style to stay on the mattress.

4. Touch the bed sheets before buying them. Some sheet fabric feels soft and cool, other fabrics feel smooth and silky, while flannel feels warm and cozy. Touch the sheets and decide what feel is right for you.

5. Launder the sheets before you put them on your bed. New sheets have fabric sizing on them, while the fabric sizing is not harmful (unless you are allergic), the sheets will be more comfortable after laundering.

These 5 tips will help you buy, and enjoy, new bed sheets at January white sale prices.

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