Benefits of Custom Oilfield Chemical Manufacturing

What are the benefits of using a custom oilfield chemical manufacturer? Let’s examine how they can help you achieve these goals. These advantages include cost-effectiveness, access to raw materials and streamlined logistics. Read on to discover more. Below are some of the reasons why you should consider outsourcing your oilfield chemical manufacturing. Here are three ways you can benefit from custom oilfield chemical manufacturing:



With costs on the rise, oilfield companies are seeking a cost-effective way to manufacture new blends. The investment of specialty equipment and space can prove costly, making a return on investment elusive. A contract chemical manufacturer can offer turnkey solutions for oilfield chemicals that meet precise specifications and save on space. With its flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and quality control, Riteks offers turnkey solutions for all of your custom oilfield chemical suppliers needs.

Because of the shortage of oil in the world, oil and gas companies are turning to the chemical industry to reduce costs. Increasing oil and gas production efficiency is an industry priority, and it’s a critical component to the success of the industry. More chemicals are being developed for multiphase production in unconventional reservoirs, and the trend is only going up from here. The newest generation of chemicals are more effective than ever, and best practices at the well site are driving the industry toward greater efficiencies and profitability.

Streamlined logistics

When manufacturing customized oilfield chemicals, contract manufacturers offer several advantages. First, they can store raw materials before mixing and shipping them, saving you money on freight. Second, contract oilfield chemical manufacturers can optimize the mixing and packaging of these chemicals to reduce overall costs and streamline logistics. Finally, contract drilling chemical manufacturers have specialized equipment for optimizing custom oilfield chemical production. Riteks is one such contract manufacturer. Its procurement advantage allows you to focus on specific industry requirements.

Because oilfield chemicals are typically hazardous materials, they are subject to numerous regulations surrounding their transport. Not only must they meet these regulations, but shipping companies must abide by them. If they break these rules, they risk fines and other penalties. Streamlined logistics of custom oilfield chemical manufacturing and shipping are critical to oilfield companies’ success. Let Riteks help you bring new blends to market efficiently and affordably.

Safety-management program

While smaller companies may have limited resources, those with larger operations are able to leverage safety-management programs. Such a program can help ensure full compliance with both sets of requirements. It can also improve relationships with communities. Here are the benefits of implementing a safety-management program in a custom oilfield chemical manufacturing facility. You can expect to enjoy higher profitability, quality, and productivity. And you’ll feel good about your commitment to your employees and community.

Custom oilfield chemical manufacturing companies follow a safety-management program and concentrate on site-specific elements. The company should also implement a safety audit program that evaluates its operations at the specific location. These safety audits will be conducted by company management as part of the overall program. This is the best way to ensure that all employees are performing their jobs safely. Safety-management programs can also help prevent incidents and accidents that may occur.

Access to raw materials

With the booming oilfield chemical market, large polymers and surfactants producers have found the opportunity to increase their manufacturing capabilities and value chain integration. The benefits of contract chemical manufacturing are clear: you can control costs, improve quality, and maximize ROI. You can also store finished products in-house, reducing freight costs and allowing space for customer operations. Riteks has all the resources to meet your needs in the oil and gas industry.

The oilfield chemicals market is moderately fragmented, with many established and local players. Avenue’s custom market research reports contain detailed profiles of these key players, including Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC, GEO Drilling Fluids, Inc., and Solvay SA. You can access over 2,000 market research reports on niche industries for $699 a month. You must select a two-seat plan in order to access all the reports.

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