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Many people today believe that the world’s manufacturing industry in on the verge of a revolution, and that this revolution will be brought about by an exciting new technology which is close to reaching maturity. That emerging technology is, of course, 3D printing.

3D printing is already gaining ground with business users. There are a large number of industrial uses today, from medical applications to the ability to quickly print out product prototypes. But these could be just the start. Although the industrial uses of 3D printing are rapidly expanding, with the possibility that it could play a much larger role in many manufacturing process, the really exciting part is the potential for home 3D printing.

If this technology can make the leap from industry to home use – with people ‘printing’ many of the basic everyday products which they use from design templates in their own home – then it could really explode. And there are signs that we could be approaching that point, as small scale printers come down in price to around $1500 for some units. If these machines come down just that bit further to the $1000 mark, and a design ecosystem can be built around them for people to easily access product templates to print, then we could easily see 3D printers become as common, or even more common, in ordinary people’s homes in a few years as regular printers are today.

Fancy becoming an early adopter? Here are some of the best 3D printers for home use that are available to buy today.

Golden Investment Opportunity?

Golden Investment Opportunity

With the 3D printing market potentially set to explode upwards in the next few years many investors are asking – is this the golden investment opportunity of the 21st century? WNC says yes, but only if you know how to avoid the risks: 3D Printing Investment


Currently the main product which is aimed squarely at the home us market is the Cubify Cube Printer. In addition to the printer itself there is an online store for owners to download a wide range of templates for products to print. And if you have a little bit of artistic talent then you can even upload your own design templates and earn a commission for every download!

Makerbot Industries

Makerbot is one of the oldest and best known names in 3D printing. Their machines are less polished and perhaps less advanced than many of their competitors, but they have a wonderful DIY open source philosophy which fits perfectly with a product such as this, and an active online community of enthusiast which will appeal to many buyers.


Hewlett-Packard, the company who took a lead role in bringing paper printers into homes around the world, also have their own 3D printing machines. Currently they are mostly being marketed for ‘office use’, but they are fairly small and good quality machines with a reasonable price point which could easily be used in the home.

3dprint 3D Print on Demand

If you are more interested in designing templates for products, or buying innovative printed products from a wide range of designers, but you aren’t bothered about buying a maching yourself then perhaps you should take a look at 3dprint 3D Print on Demand (POD) service!

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