The Importance of A New Technology

The Importance of A New Technology – 3D Printing

Just like the name says, 3D printing means three dimensional printing. While not every manufacturer has a pro golfer at their disposal to test new products, it does have access to 3D printing technology that can assist its design engineers throughout the product development process. 3D Printing has provided innovative solutions to companies like AdaFruit, … Read more

A Review of Netflix on the Wii

A Review of Netflix on the Wii: Using The Wii To Watch Netflix Movies Via Online Streaming

More and more subscribers are realizing the benefits of using properly equipped Netflix ready devices to stream movies for free from their Netflix account. In late 2009 Netflix announced that streaming capabilities that were already in place on gaming consoles like the XBox and PS3 were also coming to the Nintendo Wii. Finally, in mid-March … Read more

Automation: Deciding on the Best PLC Platform

Arves Stolpe, an engineer for National Instruments, writes in EE Times that choosing the right platform is a “challenge that every design engineer faces.” Stolpe compare PLCs and PCs, but for industrial floor applications, its best to stick with PLCs due to the ease of application and processing. Also, updates to a PLC may be … Read more

Software Reviews

Software Reviews: Rosetta Stone 3.0 French Level 1

Even though those classes in high school may have sometimes seemed like miserable exercises in failure, we can’t deny that there’s just something interesting and intriguing about learning another language. However, after we pass the point of our secondary education, there are very limited times that we have the opportunity to pursue that study. Thus, … Read more