Hair Growth Supplement for Men and Women

Apart from the laser therapy, and other hair growth treatments, you can also use some hair growth supplement. Keeping your hair healthy is not just for yourself but also improves your self esteem and appearance. A lot of factors affect your hair growth including diet, environment, and weather and at times it could even be hereditary. Using hair growth supplement is also one of the best ways as at times it can be combined with other hair growth treatments for more effective results. You can use natural extracts like emu oil which helps to rejuvenate hair cells and help to produce healthy hair. There is tree tea oil also; it’s a natural hair growth supplement that is mostly used against bacteria, fungi and virus infections of the hair. It is commonly used for treatments of ringworm, head lice and dandruffs as it creates a favorable condition for healthy hair growth.

Since our hair is made up of protein, we need more of it for hair growth and that means when we lack protein it can distort hair growth. Protein as a hair growth supplement is actually trying to get it through your diet. By eating foods that are rich in protein, you have a greater chance of healthy hair growth. Sources of protein include the following; wheat germ, eggs, cheese, brewer’s yeast and yoghurt help to increase the growth rate of hair.

Hair Growth Supplement

There are amino acid hair growth supplements that help to maintain hair growth. Hair follicles normally require amino acids because of the process of cell dividing and production of new hairs. If you are deficient of the essential amino acids it will affect your hair follicle and reduce its ability to produce hair. The essential amino acids needed for hair growth are arginine, leucine, isoleucine, threonine, lysine, histidine, methionine, valine, phenylalanine and tryptophan. The most important amino acid needed for hair growth is cysteine that ensures the smooth and healthy production of hair fibers, find more about this.

Green tea contains a substance called polyphenol catechin helps to inhibit the enzyme that creates DHT, the causative hormone responsible for hair loss. This anti inflammatory substance helps to promote and stimulate healthy hair growth. So adding green tea once in a while into your diet isn’t such a bad idea as a hair growth supplement.

There are some nutritional vitamins that act as hair growth supplement. Eating food that is rich in vitamins is a sure way of enhancing hair growth. Vitamins B complex, A, C and H are important and necessary for achieving healthy hair growth because they provide suitable environment for hair growth, increase scalp circulation and inhibits DHT.

If you are experiencing hair loss, hair breakage or hair thinning then using or adding hair growth supplements to your hair treatments enhances growth of hair.

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