How Long Should a Pressure Treated Deck Last?

If you’re wondering how long should a pressure treated deck last, you’re not alone. Many homeowners are confused by the different products available on the market. Here are a few things to keep in mind. Before you purchase a coating, you should make sure the wood is dry enough to receive a protective coating. Doing this will prevent the sealant from absorbing moisture and damaging the wood’s surface.


A well-built pressure-treated deck should last decades. Proper materials and construction techniques should be used, including rot-resistant wood, galvanized bolts, and sized joists and beams. Properly installed flashing will also help protect your deck from damage. This guide will help you build a durable deck. Whether you choose pressure-treated or non-treated wood, here are some tips that can make your deck last longer.

MCQ is a micronized copper quat

The pressure-treating industry is transitioning away from the arsenic-based preservative CCA and toward the new copper-based formula MCQ. While both preservatives contain copper, ACQ is a safer alternative because it is arsenic-free, while MCQ replaces dissolved copper with finely ground copper particulates. It is important to note that ACQ does not protect metal connectors such as bolts or screws.


If you’re looking for ways to extend the life of your pressure treated deck, you’ll find a variety of remedies. Vinegar is a natural wood preservative that will slow the graying process, but it won’t prevent the wood from being affected by the effects of rot. Wet rot, on the other hand, affects a larger area of the wood. While it may look intact on the surface, it will become weakened and splintered due to other causes. This can be remedied by using a high-quality sealant or a natural oil or a water/oil hybrid.

MCQ is a fungicide

You probably already know that the alkaline copper quaternary (ACQ) wood preservative is a powerful fungicide. Although it has been shown to be highly effective against termites, it is also a relatively safe preservative to use. ACQ is registered for use on decking, lumber, and other wood structures. But what should you know about this treatment?


If you have installed a pressure treated cedar deck, you can expect the material to last for 15 to twenty years, depending on how much sunlight your deck receives each day. If you have a deck that gets full sun, re-application of a transparent water repellent coating is recommended every two years. However, most people re-apply this coating annually. Cedar stains are also available for PT wood, Check out here.

Western red cedar

The best way to ensure that your new Western red cedar pressure treated deck will last for several decades is to seal it with a wood stain. Cedar is an excellent wood to use for a deck, because it is naturally resistant to decay and insect damage. However, it is important to keep in mind that cedar lumber will fade in color over time. It is also important to seal cedar properly to prevent it from fading.


If you’re thinking of installing a deck, the first question you should ask is: How long should a pressure treated pine deck really last? Pressure-treated pine costs less to install than Trex, but it requires more up-front maintenance money in the long run. Some homeowners choose to build a basic pressure-treated deck before listing their house for sale, figuring that it will add perceived value to their home. But the truth is, you may not stay in the same house for very long, so you may want to think about the maintenance required to maintain a deck made from pressure-treated pine.

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