The Best Way to Remove Oxidation from RV Fiberglass

If you’re interested in learning how to remove oxidation from your RV fiberglass, it’s important to first understand what oxidization is?

Oxidation occurs when a compound reacts with oxygen. When chemicals react with the surface of your fiberglass, a sticky residue accumulates. This makes your gel coat look dull and chalky. Although the oxidation can affect all RVs, it is most prominently seen on vintage trailers.

These oxidize other substances that they come into contact with, such as metal ions in tap water. Oxidation does not only affect metals either as fabrics such as cotton or wool are also susceptible to becoming oxidized if they are exposed for too long of period of time.

This Process Can Be Reversed and Items Can Become Less Oxidized

01. Combination of  Baking Soda and Vinegar

Combination of  Baking Soda and Vinegar

Last method you can use to remove the oxidation from your fiberglass is with a combination of baking soda and vinegar. This method should only be used at first as a way to help clean the oxidization from your fiberglass. Go to this site for more information on about remove oxidation from RV fiberglass.

Combine one tablespoon of vinegar and a few drops of dish soap in a spray bottle. Fill the rest with water and shake to mix well. Spray mixture on the oxidation and let it stand for a few minutes. You should then wipe it away with a rag or towel and use one of the other methods to help keep it from forming a second time.

02. Applying Paint on Top

There are many ways you can remove the oxidation from your fiberglass. One of the most popular methods people use is applying paint on top of the oxidation. Once you’ve applied paint on top of the oxidation it will cover up the unsightly brownish color and make your RV look like new again.

03. Apply High-Quality Wax

Another method you can use to remove the oxidization is with a high-quality wax. Applying wax once or twice a year will help minimize the amount of oxidization that forms in the future and will help keep your fiberglass looking shiny and new.

Every time you take your RV out to the lake or go on a camping trip it is a good idea to apply a coat of wax to the fiberglass. This will help keep the oxidization from forming and will keep your RV looking brand new for many years to come!

Advantages of Removing Oxidation from RV Fiberglass

One advantage is that it does not reduce the lifespan of your fiberglass. This is because oxidation basically just pulls away the top layer of fiberglass to reveal a new, shiny surface. Another advantage is that it prevents dirt from building up on top of your RV’s fiberglass coating, which makes the exterior look even duller. The final advantage is that removing oxidation allows you to sell or trade in your RV for more money than if you had not done anything at all.

Why It Is Important to Remove Oxidation From RV Fiberglass?

Oxidation of your fiberglass can cause it to look older than it actually is. If you don’t maintain your RV fiberglass, oxidation will increase over time; this causes a dull surface that may be difficult to clean. In addition, the oxidation leaves dirt and debris on top of the RVs fiberglass. This makes it look old and unused, which decreases the RV’s overall value.

Some Safety Tips When Oxidation from RV Fiberglass:

When oxidation is removed from your fiberglass, sharp edges may be revealed. Make sure that you’re wearing safety glasses so that these sharp edges do not cut into your skin.

In addition, when removing oxidation from fiberglass with baking soda and vinegar, do not inhale the fumes that are produced. Baking soda and vinegar are not dangerous, but they definitely don’t smell good!

Once the oxidation is removed, your RV’s fiberglass will be with some harsh chemicals and cleaners. Make sure to dilute any of these chemicals or use them in a well-ventilated area. If you do not feel comfortable with these chemicals, there are some natural ways to remove oxidation from your fiberglass.


Your fiberglass RV is a beautiful, practical investment that can last you for years if properly cared for. One of the most important care tips we have to share with you is how to remove oxidation from your RV’s exterior surface. We hope these tips helped you learn how to take care of any oxidized spots on your RV’s exterior so that you don’t have to worry about it looking old anymore!

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