Make Slide Knot Leather Bracelets with Beads

With inexpensive materials and just a little time, children, teens, and adults can make many of these bracelets for gifts, party favors, or even a party or sleepover craft project. Depending on the beads and charms that you choose, these bracelets can suit both boys and girls. Instead of leather cord, you can use a satin or cotton cord.

How to Tie an Adjustable Slide Knot

How to Tie an Adjustable Slide Knot

Don’t do this step until you have your beads on the cord, see the directions below. You’ll need to know how to make a slip knot, or an adjustable slide knot, when you make the bracelets. As opposed to tying two ends of cord together, you want to tie the right end to the left strand and the left end to the right strand. Check out these illustrated directions for a slip knot, for clarification.

The knots should slide along the cord, which will allow you to adjust the size of the bracelet.

Make Bracelets with Beads

You’ll need five-to-nice crow beads and leather or satin cord that wraps two and a half times around your wrist. Slide the beads into the middle of the cord. Make the adjustable slide knots, setting one next to each of the beads at the ends of your row. Fit the bracelet around your wrist and ask someone to tighten the knots and trim off the extra cord.

If you don’t have any help, fit the bracelet, slide it off, and then tighten the knots and trim the cord. If you are giving the bracelet to someone as a surprise, tighten the knots but don’t trim the extra cord. If you won’t see the person when they get the bracelet, include a note that tells them they can adjust the size and then trim off the extra cord.

Playing with Beads

Playing with Beads

This bracelet has a casual style; however, if you use satin cord and fancier beads, you can make this a bit dressier. Your limitation is beads that will fit over the cord. The number of beads used for the bracelet depends on the size of your wrist and the size of the beads. For this type of bracelet, a little less than half the bracelet will get beaded; basically, what will show over the top of your wrist, including the knots.

You can make several bracelets, each using a different color or color pattern of beads, and the stack them on one wrist. This project works up so quickly that you could do these at a craft table for a school event while providing beads in the school’s colors or a party for a favorite sports team featuring that team’s colors.

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