2021 NHL Finals Live Stream: Central Division Preview

Last year’s Stanley Cup winners, Tampa Bay Lightning, are performing in the Central Division this season. Can they do it again? We’ll know when the NHL Finals live stream starts in July.

Besides Tampa, there are three other teams that reached the play-off from the Central Division. What are the chances of them winning in the league? Let’s find out.

NHL Finals Live Stream: Central Division

NHL Finals Live Stream Central Division

Central Division is one of the four divisions that formed this year. Instead of 24 teams, only 16 teams are competing in the NHL play-off this season. Tampa Bay, the defending Champion with three other teams, is battling in the Central Division.

The four play-off teams in the Central Division are:

  1. Carolina Hurricanes (Central Division Champion) – 80 points
  2. Florida Panthers – 79 points
  3. Tampa Bay Lightning – 75 points
  4. Nashville Predators – 64 points

From the Central Division, Carolina became the division Champion in the regular season. You may think the defending Champions are not doing well as they are in the third position. But that’s not the case. They have done pretty well since now. Watch the NHL Finals live stream to know if they can win the trophy again this year.

In the play-off, Carolina Hurricanes will battle against Nashville Predators. Similarly, Florida Panthers will face the Current Champion, Tampa Bay Lightning.

Meanwhile, let’s analyze who has the most chance of winning in the Central Division.

Carolina Hurricanes

Carolina Hurricanes are showing an excellent performance till now in the NHL. They were amazing in the regular season and also won in the first round of the play-off. Carolina defeated Nashville to advance to the second round. By watching their recent performance, we’re considering them as one of the teams who can win the Stanley Cup this year. We’ll find out if that happens or not very soon.

Florida Panthers

Fans of the Florida Panthers were really optimistic about the team’s win. But that didn’t happen as they lost to the defending Champion Tampa Bay in the play-off. Florida gave a tough fight and two games. But got eliminated in the sixth game.

Tampa Bay Lightning

Like last season, this year also the Tampa Bay Lightning is showing why they deserve to be the Champion. Many experts believe that Tampa will seal their second consecutive finals win. We need to watch the NHL Finals live stream to find out if that really happens. But watching how they defeated the Florida Panthers in the play-off, we can say Tampa is a big threat to other teams.

Nashville Predators

Well, Nashville didn’t have the play-off they wanted. Though they struggled in the regular season, they still reached the play-off. But sadly lost to Carolina Hurricanes and got eliminated. So, we hope Nashville returns next season with a fantastic performance.

NHL Finals Live Stream

Final Thoughts

With no conference this year, the West Division is in a good position in the NHL. Both Tampa Bay Lightning and Carolina Hurricanes are doing well till now. But only one team will reach the semi-finals. Watch the NHL Finals live stream to know if any of the West Division teams win the Stanley Cup this year.

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