Numerous ways to prepare for quarantine at the hotel

It is important to remember that hotels are on high standards and would not want to jeopardize their reputation. If you have any doubts, ask your hotel for a Certificate of Health Inspection or talk with other travelers who have stayed in this specific hotel before.  If you will need internet access during your stay, call ahead and find out if they offer wireless service (some do). And finally, make sure you bring enough reading material as these long sleepless nights can get lonely without something interesting to read!

1. Choose a hotel with high standards

The first step to prepare for quarantine is to choose a hotel that has high standards. This means the hotel you’re planning on staying in should have strict regulations for cleanliness and hygiene. A good place to look is Forbes Travel Guide who verifies if hotels are up to their standards, although there might be others as well.

2. Bring a lot of reading material with you

Bringing a lot of reading materials is helpful for when the quarantine happens. It helps to keep your mind off the situation and maybe even calm your nerves. Tips include bringing books from home or buying them at a local bookstore in Bangkok. If you’re not big on reading, video games and movies are also good options. Visit this link: for more information.

3. Get ready to stay up late with the lights on

When quarantine happens, there’s an extremely high chance that you’ll be staying up for at least one night. There will probably be little to no sleep so make sure you have extra clothes and blankets if necessary. You’ll be switched to a hotel with harsher lighting, such as third world countries where the electricity is not very stable. The lights will also serve as a makeshift nightlight so you don’t end up running into walls in the dark.

4. Prepare for Dengue Fever quarantine

Dengue fever quarantine is somewhat common and might happen when there is a breakout of Dengue fever. If you do get Dengue, you’re probably quarantined in your hotel room until it all dies down and the news might even make it back home. Make sure to cover any exposed parts of your body when going outside as mosquitos are prone to attacking those areas. It also helps to constantly apply mosquito repellent as it will become your best friend. Dengue is not a very serious disease and is usually easily treatable so stay positive!

5. Prepare for coronavirus quarantine

You can also prepare for coronavirus quarantine by following their instructions. This is a virus that is spread by contact with an infected person’s saliva, so it’s important to avoid contact with saliva. The coronavirus lasted in the air for only about six hours after someone has coughed or sneezed. To make sure you don’t get the coronavirus, put on a surgical mask before you touch other people and avoid public transportation.


If you’re one of the many people who are worried about a possible quarantine while traveling in Bangkok, here are some tips on how to prepare yourself for this. Find out where your hotel is before booking and make sure it has high standards. Our experts can help create an online strategy for your needs so you can get back to living life without worrying too much about the virus!

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