Process to Hang a Grow Light

What can you do to help your plants thrive in the winter? One thing is to hang a grow light. Hanging a grow light can be intimidating, but with these simple steps, it will become much less so.

1. Find a place in your house that is close to an electrical outlet.

This will prevent you from having to spend a lot of time moving the grow light around.

The place should be relatively close to where your plants are, but not too close that they will start getting burnt by the hot lights.

2. Measure the height of the grow light and make sure it will reach at least 18 inches from where you plan on hanging it.

height of the grow light

This will ensure that the plants have a lot of light.

If it is too high, you can attach an extension cord to the grow light and hang it higher up.

The length of your extension cord should be at least 18 inches long so there are no power shortages in the middle of winter when light conditions are not as great outside.

Once you have the grow light at a height that will work, it is time to figure out how high to hang it.

3. Put the grow light on a surface like a table or chair, then use masking tape to measure where you want it.

Once you have figured out how high it should be, take a measuring tape and mark that height on the table so you will know how high to hang it.

Once you have done this, take your grow light and attach the hooks that come with your grow light to the tape.

You can also use screws and drill holes if you do not have hooks. 

4. Use pliers to cut two pieces of wire about 2 feet long.

Take one wire and thread it through the top of where you want to hang your grow light.

Then take the other piece of wire and thread it through the bottom of where you want to hang your grow light.

Take both ends and twist them together in order to make a loop for hanging.

Then attach the wire loop to a hook or screw you have drilled into the ceiling or wall for hanging purposes.

Take your grow light and attach it to the wire.

Then you can put that in place by securing it with a screw or hook as well.

5. Strip both ends of one piece with your pliers

Do such so there’s no metal covering any part of the wires.

Then take the other piece of wire and strip one end.

Use both pieces to attach your extension cord to a power outlet you have nearby

This will make sure the grow light stays lit when the power goes out.

6. Some general tips

Use an electric drill to make a pilot hole if you have a drywall ceiling.

Use a nail gun if you have a wooden ceiling, once the joist is in place.

Use joist hangers if you have to hang several additional kits.

When you use a drill machine, be 100% certain about the spot.


We hope that you have found this article helpful. Remember to use caution and common sense in your work. Don’t forget the safety glasses and gloves.

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