Software Reviews: Rosetta Stone 3.0 French Level 1

Even though those classes in high school may have sometimes seemed like miserable exercises in failure, we can’t deny that there’s just something interesting and intriguing about learning another language. However, after we pass the point of our secondary education, there are very limited times that we have the opportunity to pursue that study. Thus, some have turned to software programs as an ideal way to learn and further develop language skills from the comfort of their own home. Of course, with so many products on the market, though, it can become difficult to separate the programs that do, and the programs that do not teach effectively. Thankfully, one of the most effective programs is also one of the most well know, and is generally very easy to find. That program is known as Rosetta Stone, and for those seeking to learn the basics to French, it can be a wonderful tool.

Rosetta Stone 3.0 French Level 1

Perhaps some of the best features of the Rosetta Stone software can be witnessed as soon as one begins using it. Unlike a lot of language developers, Rosetta Stone does not seek to overwhelm it’s user. Rather, everything is separated into an effective and systematic menu. There are the basic lessons, fun features and activities, and a built in dictionary to help with pronunciation and definitions. While the dictionary and the other activities can be great as a fun reinforcement, the lessons are the reason that most purchase the program, and they do not disappoint.

Another common flaw with a lot of language programs is the fact that they move far too quickly for those who are seeking to learn a language for the frst time or to try and brush up on basics. However, Rosetta Stone is different. The lessons are reasonably paced, and make sure that you are challenged and rewarded, but not lost and confused. This strikes a very nice balance, as we are never bored in our lessons, nor are we confused or frustrated with the overall speed. Rather, everything is presented timely and is layered out in a well-organized manner that really strives to help you make the most of your self-teaching.

The lessons in the program allow you to move forward or backwards as you wish, and there are fun activities present in each lesson that make sure you do not become bored. Which brings up another great feature of the Rosetta Stone software. Although most software programs seem designed to visually represent the book they are replacing, Rosetta Stone actually manages to look visually appealing, which is a nice touch when you intend to spend a long time staring at your computer screen.

Of course, the program is not perfect. It’s definitely not the cheapest software program out there for learning language, and the material covered in the French 1 edtion really does seem a little limited for the price. However, in terms of effectiveness, presentation and overall quality, it is very difficult to beat the Rosetta Stone Series, and the French 1 edition is no exception, quite simply one of the best programs out there that is designed to teach a foreign language, and it can be found in almost any location that sells software.

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