Surfin’ USA: Top Five Best Surf Podcasts for All Skill Levels

Waking up to the smell of ocean air in sunny San Diego, California is amazing–until you realize that you have to go to class. Getting your bachelors with the beach nearby isn’t always easy, but luckily you can stay in tune with the waves whether close to the coast or not with the top five podcasts for surfers.

1) Best Corporate

The best corporate podcast out there is the podcast put out by Rip Curl. Fairly regularly they put out new podcasts and the production value is higher than most of the indie contemporaries. You won’t be receiving up to the minute news, but if you’re just getting your feet wet or just want more information about the sport or the pros who participate in it this is probably the podcast for you. Personally it isn’t my favorite as they have a series called “My Bikini” featuring female surfers in plenty of gratuitous bikini shots–some people might be into that, but I’m not.

2) Best for Beginners

SurfSimply is an awesome podcast for those new to the sport. With helpful tutorials, you’ll start to feel more confident out in the water and remain entertained at home. If you want to master the basics–from paddling out to catching waves or learn some more intermediate moves, Henekawatkisporter is the podcast for you.

Top Five Best Surf Podcasts for All Skill Levels

3) Most Entertaining

The highest rated surf podcast in the Apple store is Down the Line Surf Talk Radio with Scott Bass. With almost 300 individual podcasts you’re sure to get an earful if you’re interested. Topics range from interviews with the pros to tournament coverage–and it is regularly updated–which should be noted as many others are not. With a conversational tone and well prepared information this podcast is sure to keep you entertained and informed.

4) Wahine

Unfortunately most of the podcasts about surfing are male slanted, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few out there for the persistent. One of the best that I have found is Jetty Girl Online Surf Magazine–which hasn’t been updated since 2007! With only 9 short episodes it is best to savor them or head on over to YouTube and check out what is going on in Women’s surfing via Roxy’s YouTube channel–which is updated regularly–just be aware that some of the videos are a little sales-y.

Green Surfing

5) Green Surfing

On The Push, focuses on Eco Surfing and contains 14 (11 on their website and more on iTunes) episodes about the impact of climate change on surfing. Aimed at a slightly younger audiences this series turned documentary is essential for little surfers and anyone who is interested in what measures surf enthusiasts can take to ensure that the coastline stays beautiful. So whether you’re looking to keep a green surf life, learn surf tips, or you’re an enthusiast that just wants to be entertained there is a surf podcast to make those non-beach days a little more bearable.

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