The 5 Best Ways to Remove a Dent from Your Car

Dents in cars are a common problem that can be solved with the right tools. There are many different ways to remove dents from your vehicle, depending on what type of dent you have and what you have available at the time. Different kinds of dents will require other tools and approaches. We will go through the easiest, most convenient, and most effective methods of removing dents from your car.

1. Remove a Dent with a Plunger

A plunger is a simple household tool that you can purchase for cheap. The best way to use it is to place the plunger over the dent, making sure that the plunger covers the whole area of the dent. You then need to repeatedly push and pull until you are able to remove most of the dent. This process may take a little while if your car has multiple dents, so be patient.

2. Boiling Water Will Remove a Dent

Boiling water is another one of the best ways of removing a dent from your car because it will kill all of any germs or bacteria that may have caused the damage in the first place. Boiling water also has enough pressure to ensure that it will penetrate crevices, which will make it much easier to remove the dent, read full report.

3. Using a Hairdryer to Remove Dents

A hairdryer is another solution for removing a dent from your car as long as you have one at home. However, you need to ensure that the hairdryer can reach at least 150 degrees Celsius temperatures. You need to heat the cloth with the hairdryer until it becomes hot and then place it over the spot where the dent is. You will need to keep this temperature for roughly three minutes in order to ensure that some of your car’s paint has melted slightly.

4. Remove a Dent by Using a Coin

An old-school way of removing dents from your car involves using nothing more than a coin! Place the coin on top of the dent, and then use your other hand to push the coin down onto the dent. This will cause pressure to build up in between the car’s paintwork, allowing you actually to flatten out most dents. You can then remove it by using dull scissors.

5. Steam Cleaner For Dent Removal

Using steam to get rid of car dents is an effective solution because it will remove the area’s dirt and grime. Simply attach your steam cleaner to a hose, turn on the machine and wait for about 10 minutes so that it can heat up. Once you hear the water inside start boiling, move closer until it touches the dent. You will need to hold the steam cleaner still for about three minutes before you pull away from the car. This should cause some of the paint to soften up, which will allow you to push out most of the dent.


These are great tools for removing dents from your car. If you want to avoid the cost of buying a new one, then use these methods and save yourself some money! For more information about dent removal or any other automotive needs, contact our experts at We’ll be happy to help you out with whatever you might need.

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