The Process of Making High-Quality Scented Candles

Making candles is an art and a science. It takes knowledge, skill and patience to create fragrant, long burning candles with the perfect shape and soft texture. But it’s not as hard as you might think. In this article we will talk about how you can make your own high quality scented candles.

What Are Scented Candles

The term Best Scented Candles refers to a variety of different types of the candle, including the wax and wick. Scents are added to the candle wax in order to give off a pleasant odor while burning. There are a range of different scents that can be added to the candle-wax, including fruit scents, floral scents, or spices that have been heated for an extended period of time.

Materials Needed to Make Scented Candles

Materials Needed to Make Scented Candles

These are the most important materials needed for making scented candles:

  • Beeswax
  • Container
  • Jar candle with lid
  • Small saucepan and heat source
  • Filling material
  • Stove burner or other heat source
  • Glass droppers or syringes to color wax and scent it
  • Wax dye or oil-soluble food coloring, or candle dyes
  • Candle scent
  • Wicks and wick adhesive
  • Wick holder
  • Scissors to cut the wick to the correct length for jar candles
  • Pencil, chopstick or dowel for stirring inside the jar
  • Crayons to color candle wax
  • Strainer
  • Protective rubber gloves, safety

Procedures for Making Scented Candles

Procedures for Making Scented Candles

Here are some procedures for making scented candles:

  • Buy wax at a local craft store or grocery store.
  • Get wick, scent, and containers at the craft store or grocery store, or order them online.
  • Cut containers into small pieces that will fit inside candle-making device after melting wax.
  • Start by melting wax in a microwave-safe bowl in 20 second intervals until liquid is halfway up the sides of the container – stir continuously to avoid scorching.
  • Add the container piece to the liquid wax in the microwavable bowl and arrange in center of container – make sure it doesn’t touch sides!
  • Add fragrance oil to liquid wax and stir until mixed thoroughly.
  • Pour wax into a new microwavable bowl and microwave for a few seconds to prevent the wick from sinking.
  • Insert wick into candle with a few inches sticking out of the bottom of your container piece – make sure this is done before the wax hardens!
  • Add a few more drops of fragrance oil to the candle-jar.

Most Popular Scented Candles

The popular scented candles are also known as white scented candles. They are made from pure shea butter with no additives, making them the safest. The most popular scents are vanilla, lavender, and chocolate. These all have a calming effect on people in addition to being pleasing to the nose.

Most Popular Scented Candles

Making your own natural white scented candles is not hard. You can buy pure shea butter at most major stores that sell skin care products. If you don’t have any on hand, you can order some online or substitute with beeswax, which will give it a slight honey scent, but won’t carry the same benefits as pure shea. Though some people prefer adding some essential oils to the shea butter, this is completely optional. However, some popular scents are frankincense, sandalwood, and lavender.


We hope that you have found this guide on how to make high quality scented candles useful. It is important to remember that when you are making your own candles, they can be made any size and in any color.

You can also add your own creative touches by using different colors or shapes for the candle mold, experimenting with different fragrances, or adding embellishments such as ribbons or beads around the wick. These are just some ideas to get you started!

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