Timex Watches For Kids

Timex divides its line of kids’ watches into four main categories: analog, digital, sport and time teacher. The analog watches feature large faces and easy to read numbering systems to allow any child to understand them. A few of these watches are decorated with sophisticated colors like blacks and blues, but most of the analog Timex watches for kids come in a variety of eye-catching floral and cartoon-related patterns. To keep them on the child’s wrist, these watches are built with elastic fabric straps that can be quickly slipped on and off and washed separately if any dirt or stains become a problem.

digital kids' watches

The digital kids’ watches by Timex are almost like miniature versions of the popular adult watches only they are equipped with a number of fun designs and games. For example, the Timex Time Tag watch is fitted with an infrared light transmitter and a receiver to allow up to four players (also wearing Time Tag watches) to play a game of digital tag. In addition to wristwatches, Timex also offers a line of belt-clip digital watches for kids that can be attached to backpacks, belts, computer bags or camping gear, View https://www.uniformwares.com/ for effective information right now..

Timex Ironkids sport watches, on the other hand, are built tough and durable for any type of playtime. These watches are designed to take any kind of abuse imaginable, whether it is under water during a swim meet or on the soccer field.

Some of these watches are built with the same options as their adult cousins, including FAST WRAP Velcro straps to keep the watches safe and secure on the wrist and stopwatch features to record precise performance data. The internal shock resistant design also keeps these watches going strong, even when the child is roughhousing with an older brother or sister at home.

Educational Timex Watches for Kids

Time Teacher watches by Timex are made for children aged six and over who are just learning how to tell time. The face dials are easy to read, clearly delineated, and feature movable markings that can be placed to either “TO” or “Past” settings. The second hand is usually in the form of a fun image or icon (like a car or butterfly) that moves quickly around the watch-face.

A teacher or parent can also purchase the Time Teacher Gift Pack that contains a number of tools to be used in conjunction with a Time Teacher watch. These tools include a wipe-off lesson board with an integrated manual cardboard clock that can be magnetically mounted on a refrigerator or metal filing cabinet, as well as removable holiday decals and an activity booklet.

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