What Is A Crusher Cone?

The crusher cone is a component of a crushing machine. It consists of a special kind of cylinder with a tapered bottom and two fixed surfaces, one on each side, which provides the necessary grip for the jaws to rotate. The cone is placed in the jaws of the crushing machine where it completes the movement from horizontal to vertical.

What Is A Crusher Cone Made Of?

Crusher cones are usually made from a composite material consisting of two or more materials. Polycarbonate and some kinds of Teflon have been used in association with each other for years because they can be machined so well.

1. Main Shaft

The main shaft is the rotating component that drives the jaws of a crusher cone. It connects to an engine, transmission, or belt drive for example through gears and pulleys.

2. Housing

The housing keeps everything together in one place including any special control electronics needed to run them efficiently (that are not shown here).

3. Internal Parts

The internal components consist of all moving bits inside the crusher cone, but also include bearings that hold them on the rotational and translational axes on which they work.

4. Machine and Belt

A machine with a wrist is unpowered so it can’t rotate without hand cranking, once set in action the rest of the power comes from whatever drives system has been appointed to do that. The pulleys will be un-powered when it’s not needed for moving stuff along.  If you wish to learn new information on Crusher cones, you have to click over here at qimingcasting website.

5. Bearings

There are two kinds of bearing mainly: Ball bearings – These bear lots of shafting loads, but also roll loads too. Because of this, they are small in diameter with a big surface area and thus allow shaft rotation very easily. Need smaller bearings with high stiffness or higher load capacity? Nylon roller bearings – These bear less weight than ball bearings but more loading, generally being shorter in size as well as an increased radius is present around the outside limits of the groove which has been machined into it.

6. Main Bearings

There may be several main bearings, each bearing being placed at the front of its respective crankshaft.

7. Oil Pump

This is a dedicated pump that helps to transport necessary lubrication fluids through all the different components so they can work properly without any concerns. Everything depends on it! Cooler internals is also cooled by oil which mixes with water inside them before being pumped outside for evaporation, don’t forget this either!

8. Cooler Water Internals

For cooling the cooler after it runs out of usual working fluid (copper) like air. Water is heated by either steam, no matter what technique was employed to create it (condenser/cooling chamber), or something different entirely. It cools down and condensates liquids back into solid minerals upon their exit, obviously, this means that system will need some way to separate excess heat from them so it’s not just dumped with any use as a final product.


 The crusher cone is a device used in the crushing of ore. It is essentially a heavy-duty horizontal cylinder that has teeth or wedges on its inside surface. The object being crushed goes between the teeth and is crushed.

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