Why are Backlinks Important?

Backlinks play a keyrole in SEO and can either make you or break you in your search engine rankings. This is why there are people paying hundreds and even thousands of dollars a month to have people build backlinks for them. This guide is here to show you why you do not need to pay anywhere near that much a month for backlinks and how you can purchase these for less than anyone else on the market is selling them for.

If you want to rank on the first page of Google, or even be the number one spot on Google then you need to have more backlinks than the other people who are ranked ahead of you. It is not an exact science in that way, but many times its a great way to go by. Sometimes you may not even need to have more backlinks than another website if say your blog has your keyword in the domain name, and your competitor does not. But still this gives you a basic guideline, Resources.

How to Check Your Backlinks?

There are many options out there in order to help you check your backlinks. There are a few good free options and then some amazing paid options as well. I personally have used both but if you cannot afford the paid options then the free ones will work just fine. One of my favorite is Google. Just type in the following into Googles search field.

This will bring back all of the external links to your website, or backlinks as we call them in the seo world. Anonther great option is from within Google Analytics. You click on the tab to the left and find “links to your site.” This will also list all of the domains that link to your website and how many times they do so. Its an excellent resource for find who is linking to your website.

Why Buy Backlinks

The real reason why most people buy backlinks is simply because of the sheer number of backlinks that may be need in order to rank on the front page Google. While you are setting there contemplating on whether or not you want to buy backlinks your competitor is also buying more and more and putting you further and further behind. How else do you think they got thousands of backlinks?

Another reason you may want to buy backlinks is because you know that the pros know the SEO business inside and out. They know all of the tips and tricks to really make those backlinks work to your advantage. Or you just may not know very much about SEO, but you know you want to rank for the keyword “Health Benefits.”

Where to Buy Backlinks

Where to Buy Backlinks

Here is a list of the best places to buy certain kinds of backlinks. If you are looking to really gain the competitive edge on competitors then these are the links for you. Buying Backlinks will be the best business investment you will ever make.

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