Designer Watches For Women *Latest Models*

Latest Designer Watches For Women

I have a couple of women’s birthday’s coming up in the near future and a smart ladies watch that’s not too expensive is always a great present to give. It’s always a useful present as well as attractive and women often do like a different watch to go with a different outfit so a win all ways round.

A lot of the top brands can be pretty expensive but to be the talk of the night club you need not spend a fortune. I have found some great elegant ladies watches that will not break the bank.

Take a look at some of the latest and smartest models to hit the market this year. 

Take A Look At These Latest Elegant Desigener Models!

Take A Look At These Latest Elegant Desigener Models!

As well as choosing 2 or 3 watches to buy as presents, I thought it might be useful to create a page that has some of the latest models available.

There a few basic designs to choose from….do you want a digital readout or straightforward hands. Do you need a sports timer or is the watch more of a piece of jewelry than an actual timepiece?

With people carrying around cell phones and ipads there are fewer men wearing a watch but women still wear them as a fashion statement to go with their outfit, unless there are timing themselves in a marathon of course.

Nearly every model will keep perfect time these days, some are solar powered. Below you will find a cross section that have all the latest features.

There will be one to match your purpose….

A Sparkling Jewelled Geneva

Geneva Women’s Silicone Designer Watch with Baguette Stones Bezel

Now this is what I meant about getting class, style and elegance at a price that you won’t believe!

Geneva make a few different models that look equally as stylish. I wouldn’t use the 3 extra timing dials to time your next run though as they are more for style than accuracy.

But then again you can’t have everything at this end of the market.

Every Girl Loves Chocolate!

Every Girl Loves Chocolate

Marc by Marc Jacobs Rose Gold Chocolate Bubble Aluminum Womens Watch MBM3527

This Marc Jacobs classic looking model does look good enough to eat but I wouldn’t try it!

I love the look of having letters instead of numbers around the edge, it’s bound to get the attention around a dinner table.

It has an aluminum strap and is water resistant to a good depth but i wouldn’t go down to the bottom of the pool wearing this just in case!

Guess This Is A Touch Of Bling!

Guess Women’s U12539L1 Silver Stainless-Steel Quartz Watch with Silver Dial

It takes a while to see that the makers name, Guess is part of the strap written in crystal and gold.

The watch is guaranteed for a awesome 10 years but probably not the strap as it’s a limited warranty.

In fact at a quick glance most people wouldn’t recognize this as an actual watch at all, but think it’s a bracelet.

If you’re taking your partner to a classy function then this would sparkle for all it’s worth and look a million dollars on any woman’s wrist.

Designer Watches For Women – Miami Diamond Watch

Miami Marlins Ladies Watch – Designer Diamond Watch

Diamonds are a girls best friend according to the song, here’s fifty crystal look a like diamonds around this timepiece.

The face is around about an inch across so it’s not too big on a woman’s wrist.

I like the numbers being so large it’s easy to see exactly what time it is, so many stylish watches have numbers so small that they are not any use at all.

It’s water resistant too.

Designer Watches For Women – Gold Plated Luxury

Skagen Denmark Womens Watch Swiss Rectangle Brown MOP Link #985SRXD

If it’s real class you want and not an imitation then this latest model from the Danish firm of Skagen could be the one!

A Swiss made quartz movement with 12 real diamond accents set around the face to add that touch of elegance.

The gold hands stand out a dark Mother of Pearl face it’s easy to see the time at a glance. The bracelet is gold plated too.

It stands out as a top stylish watch without being too over the top.

The downside is, make sure you are well insured as style and class doesn’t come cheap!

Check it out here:

Designer Watches For Women – The Latest From Classic Burberry

One of the designer names that is always linked to classic looking models is Burberry. It’s a name that is known world wide and highly sought after.

This is one of the latest on the market – a blue checked bangle type of timepiece that is easy to wear and comfortable around the wrist.

It looks awesome with the sapphire dial, not too big and chunky like some. The sort of thing a model might wear.

Just make sure you have an outfit to go with it!

Have a look at it here: Burberry Womens Heritage Collection Swiss Made Check Print Blue Bangle Watch BU4936

Sophisticated Luxury At No Extra Cost

Swatch Women’s Irony YSS267 White Leather Quartz Watch with White Dial

Swatch always produce great looking watches that do not cost the earth.

This one could be ideal for the sophisticated ball or party as it has a white narrow strap that will go with any outfit.

The subtlety colored purple face makes the time easy to read.

If you want chic and class then go for this one.

Breda – Bring Out The Animal In You!

You can always expect something a bit different from the all American manufacturer Breda and this one is no exception.

A stunning metallic leopard print number with a top class quartz movement this will be a real talking point on your wrist.

The print stands out against the classy gold case and brings a touch of flare to an everyday item.

The only question is…..are you bold enough to wear it and maybe bring out the animal instinct! Time will tell!

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