Find the Perfect Neon Sign for Your Business

Neon signs have always been a staple of the nightlife scene, but they’ve found their way into daily life in recent years as well. They are popular for advertising restaurants, bars, and retail stores. 

With so many different styles to choose from it can be hard to pick one that will work for your specific needs. That is why we are here today with our top picks for neon signs that you should consider before purchasing anything else.

Different Types of Neon Lights for Your Business

There are several types of neon lights that you will want to consider before making a final purchase.  Below some of the most common types of neon lights include:

1) The Chicago Style.

The Chicago Style neon sign is a classic and simple design that emits the traditional orange and red we associate with the Windy City. This pattern has been around for years and is also known to be one of the most popular patterns because of its wide variety in color and shape. The Chicago-style neon sign is perfect for when you need something classy but not too distracting.

2) The Modern Flair

The Modern Flair neon sign is a new and sleek design with muted colors of blue and green. This pattern is perfect for when you need a neon sign that has a modern flair to it. The low contrast in colors makes this sign work well for a variety of businesses, from retail to restaurants.

3) The Animated Scene.

The Animated Scene is one of the most popular patterns because it offers a wide array of shapes and colors that can be customized to any shape or size needed. This pattern allows you to have anything from simple shapes like stars or hearts to more elaborate shapes like an animated scene of Mickey Mouse at his birthday party. With so many customization options, this pattern really allows your sign to stand out from the rest.

4) The Majestic Style.

The Majestic Style neon sign is a modern take on the traditional designs that are popular in our grandparent’s generation. This type of Neon Direct sign boasts a more streamlined look that adds some elegance and formality to your business or home..

5) The Cartoon Neon Sign.

The Cartoon Neon Sign is a great way to show off your love for Pop-culture. We all have our favorite cartoon from growing up and this sign allows you to put your favorite’s characters on display 24/7. From classic Disney characters to superheroes of today, this neon sign will attract anyone who loves cartoons or animates movies.

6) The Retro Neon Sign.

The Retro Neon Sign is a great way to add some class and nostalgia to your business or home, this type of neon sign is popular in the older generation because of its resemblance to vintage neon signs from the old days. This type of neon sign has been around for decades and gave us the famous look of Las Vegas. The Retro Neon sign is a great choice for anyone looking to add a touch of nostalgia and class.


This article has provided you with six different types of neon lights that you can buy for your own signage needs. Of course, every business is different and has different needs, but every one of the options listed above will make sure to make your neon sign stand out. You can find these products at any store or wholesale distributor.

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