The Importance of Unbiased Media

Hurley, in his book, The Importance of Unbiased Media for American Democracy, looked at the way in which the media influences public opinion. Moreover, he examined how the media impacts interfaith harmony and voting. His findings showed that a unbiased media promotes good public discourse.

Impact of unbiased news on democracy

Impact of unbiased news on democracy

Providing unbiased news is important for a democratic society. There are hundreds of thousands of news outlets in the United States. However, they all do not present the same viewpoint on issues. In fact, it is easy to find liberal and conservative news sites. Providing unbiased news can improve the quality of journalism, as well as strengthen trust in our democracy. In addition, unbiased news is necessary to ensure that our leaders are informed and accountable.

The study, called Truth Decay, was conducted by RAND researchers who wanted to understand how the media environment impacts our democracy. They found that when people do not trust or care about news, it threatens our democracy. By studying the rapidly changing media landscape, RAND researchers are learning what it takes to keep facts at the forefront of public life.

Influence of unbiased news on voting

The influence of unbiased news on voting is a big concern for many people today. The rise of social media, cable news, and the Internet have made the media environment more partisan. For example, local newspapers were partisan during the first half of the 20th century and often gave greater coverage to politicians whose policies or viewpoints were favored by readers. However, when television came along, the media became more unbiased as equal time rules were introduced.


This trend in progovernment media is also spreading to neighboring countries. In Austria, for example, the leader of the far-right Freedom Party was caught on video attempting to collude with the Russian government to purchase the country’s largest newspaper and infuse it with political bias. In Europe, this problem is more acute than elsewhere.

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