How to Use Your Own Private Proxies?

With the growing popularity of VPN and proxy services, many people are wondering if it is possible to use their own private proxies. In the past, many people have been able to do so, they just needed to set up a server of their own on some free network hosting site and set up the proxies there.

How to Set Up a Private Proxy By Yourself?

How to Set Up a Private Proxy By Yourself

Setting up such an environment is not that hard nowadays many people can do it by themselves with a little bit of time and effort. I will show you how easy it actually is if we start from the very beginning:

1. The Server

The first thing you need is a server of your own, whether it is on the internet or at home. The easiest way to do this is through free hosting services, registering an account, creating a VPS (Virtual Private Server), and installing private proxies. This should not take more than a day if you thoroughly read the instructions, and have plenty of time for doing research to choose suitable software.

2. Installing the Server

Installing the Server

Now that your VPS is installed, it’s time to install some private proxies on it. The usual choices are open source VPS hosting at any cheap prices, for instance, Digital Ocean This step is important to ensure you get the cheapest price on private proxies and keep security in mind, learn more.

3. The Software

Choose the most suitable software which fits your needs and your budget, for this guide we will use open source Boxer and Outsider.

4. Setup the Proxy

Using the software we just installed, we can set up an Open VPN connection between your devices and VPS (Virtual Private Server). The reason why I usually recommend Outsider is that it’s free and really easy to use.

5. Connecting your Devices to the Proxy

When you have your VPS and proxies ready, installing a VPN for every device might be a good idea. It will ensure everyone gets the clearest connection possible and it’s a lot easier to use.

How to Find Private Proxies?

How to Find Private Proxies

There are a lot of private proxies worldwide and in different countries (For instance, the internet is censored in China) and with such a big market it’s sometimes hard to find or create one for your country. But there are many websites that provide private proxies which you can use for free!

What Are The Benefits Of Using Private Proxies?

Due to the nature of proxy services, private proxies will almost always have a faster network connection than public ones. Also, private proxy users can share their internet connection and therefore take up less of the speed for others. Moreover, since they tend to be more secure you will feel safer from those who attempt to track your activities online.


Above are the most important steps for creating a secure VPN connection. If you follow these steps, your connections will be anonymous and confidential. In fact, your internet is now secure from any network restrictions and anyone who tries to do so will most likely face severe consequences.

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